Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee was established with effect from 1 July 2010, in light of the conclusions of the 2010 Board effectiveness review (a summary of which is shown in the Performance evaluation section) to provide greater oversight on key areas of corporate responsibility. The CR Committee currently comprises the Chairman of the Company and three non-executive directors. Its terms of reference are available on the Company’s website,

The Committee met three times during the year. Membership of the Committee and their attendance during the year were as follows:

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Number of

Number of

Directors as at 31 March 2011



Sir Peter Gershon (Chairman of the Committee)



Liz Airey



William Camp



Dr Barry Zoumas



The Committee has established a formal calendar of items for consideration at each meeting and will meet at least four times each full year. The minutes of each meeting are circulated to the Board. The Chief Executive, Executive VP – Human Resources, VP – Group Audit and Assurance and other members of the senior management team (as invited by the Committee) usually attend meetings.

Main responsibilities of the Corporate Responsibility Committee

The main responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • monitoring the Group’s overall approach to corporate responsibility and ensuring it is in alignment with the Group strategy;
  • approving, or where appropriate recommending to the Board for approval, CR policies;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the Group’s policies and procedures relating to the provision of a safe environment;
  • reviewing the implementation of appropriate environmental policies;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of workplace policies concerning employee relations, equal opportunities, travel, entertainment and conflicts of interest;
  • reviewing the arrangements by which employees may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting, financial control or other matters (whistleblowing); and
  • satisfying itself that the Group has appropriate policies, systems and controls in place in respect of the risks falling within the Committee’s remit.

Work undertaken during the year

During the year and up to the date of this annual report, the work undertaken by the CR Committee included:


  • reviewing the output of the external review of the Group’s safety performance and the resultant action plan, and monitoring its implementation.

Product safety

  • undertaking a review of the quality assurance processes within the Group.

Diversity and inclusion

  • reviewing the Group’s approach to diversity and inclusion, along with initiatives put in place by management.


  • reviewing the actions being undertaken to improve the Group’s performance further.

The Committee also undertook the annual review of internal controls in relation to the above areas. Further information on the work of the Committee and the Group’s approach to corporate responsibility reporting is contained in the Corporate responsibility report.