Shareholder communications

The Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and VP – Investor and Media Relations maintain a regular programme of visits and presentations to major institutional shareholders both in the UK and overseas. The Chairman and Senior Independent Director participate in this programme as appropriate and the Chairman provides feedback to the Board on any matters raised with him by major shareholders. The Chairman also undertook separate visits to major institutional shareholders during the year.

The Investor Relations department provides the Board with a report on any meetings with major institutional shareholders at each scheduled Board meeting. All directors receive copies of analysts’ reports on the Company and the Board is briefed periodically by the Company’s financial advisers on investors’ perceptions of Tate & Lyle and its investor relations activities. The non-executive directors are encouraged to attend the full-year and half-year results presentations.

The Company aims to present a balanced and clear assessment in all its public reports as well as in those to regulators. Key announcements, financial reports and other information about the Group can be found on the Company’s website at

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2011 AGM will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, on Thursday 28 July 2011 at 11.00 am. Full details are set out in the Notice of Meeting.

Shareholders who attend the AGM have the opportunity to put questions to the Board on matters relating to the Group’s operations and performance. All resolutions are decided by means of a poll and the votes received in respect of each resolution, together with the level of abstentions, are notified to the London Stock Exchange and published on the Company’s website. Shareholders are offered the choice of receiving shareholder documentation, including the annual report, electronically or in paper format as well as the choice of submitting proxy votes either electronically or by post.