Executive Management

The Group Executive Committee oversees the development and execution of the Group’s strategy, and has overall responsibility for achieving business results.

The biographies for Javed Ahmed, Tim Lodge and Robert Gibber are in the Board of directors section.

Karl Kramer

President, Innovation and Commercial Development
Joined Tate & Lyle in April 2008, became President, Sucralose in June 2008 and was appointed President, Innovation and Commercial Development in June 2010. A graduate of Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Karl also holds an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business. Began his career in R&D at General Foods and then worked in brand management for Nestlé, and in international sales for the NutraSweet Kelco Division of Monsanto. Before joining Tate & Lyle, Karl held various international general management roles in the flavour division of Givaudan.

Rob Luijten

Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Joined Tate & Lyle in February 2010 and was appointed Executive Vice President, Human Resources in June 2010. Holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Studies from Tilburg University and began his career with Inamed Corporation before spending ten years with GE Plastics where he held a number of senior human resources roles in both Europe and Asia, including five years based in Shanghai as Human Resources Director, Asia Pacific. Subsequently joined BG Group PLC where he was Human Resources Director, Africa, Middle East and Asia until 2009.

Olivier Rigaud

President, Speciality Food Ingredients
Joined Tate & Lyle (Amylum business) in 1988 as a sales manager in France. A chemistry graduate from Aix-Marseille University, he has held various management positions within Tate & Lyle, including in industrial products, liquid sweeteners and alcohol sales. In 2000, Olivier became Vice President Food Ingredients, Europe and was appointed President, Food & Industrial Ingredients, Europe in 2008. He was appointed President, Speciality Food Ingredients in June 2010.

Matt Wineinger

President, Bulk Ingredients
Joined Tate & Lyle in March 2008, became President, Food & Industrial Ingredients, Americas in July 2008 and was appointed President, Bulk Ingredients in June 2010. A graduate of Kansas State University, Matt started his career in the Food Products Division at Procter & Gamble and then worked in a variety of roles for Monsanto and later Cargill, where he became President of Sales, Marketing and Research & Development in 2002 for its Meat Solutions platform. Subsequently joined Swift and Co, where he was President of its Australian Meat Holdings division until 2007.

Executive Management Structure (organigram)