Corporate social responsibility


This year, we have changed how we report corporate social responsibility (CSR). We have incorporated those areas in which we measure performance – safety, environment, community – into this ‘Business review: Performance’ section, emphasising their importance to the long-term success of the business. The other two parts of our traditional CSR report, namely how we manage our relationships with commercial partners and suppliers, and our approach to employee health and wellbeing, are covered in the ‘Business review: What we do’ section, since they are an integral part of how we do business.

We believe that changing the way we report CSR more accurately reflects the central role it plays in the way we do business – which, for Tate & Lyle, means operating to high social, ethical and environmental standards in all circumstances.

Managing corporate social responsibility

Our approach to CSR is enshrined in our Business Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code applies unconditionally to all wholly-owned parts of the Group, and we also aim to apply the Code in those operations in which we have a 50% stake or more. Where we have a minority stake, we encourage our partners to adopt the Code. Applying the Code requires proactive management at every level within the Company. The Board reviews Tate & Lyle’s CSR policies and performance annually, and the Chief Executive is the Board member accountable for all aspects of CSR. A copy of the Code can be found on our website,

Our internal audit function reviews the processes used to collect and collate the information contained within this CSR section. In the 2011 financial year, we will be establishing a new Corporate Responsibility Board Committee. This Committee will be reviewing our current data and processes and, as a result, we expect that there will be a number of changes to our methodology and presentational format and this will be reflected in the Annual Report 2011.