Tate & Lyle believes that companies must take steps to manage their impact on the environment. As a consequence we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is sensitive to the environmental needs of the communities within which we operate. This aim will be achieved by upholding defined, key environmental standards in all of our operations, and we actively encourage our business partners to demonstrate similar levels of commitment.


Managing our impacts to produce a more positive result is good for the environment and also brings economic benefits to Tate & Lyle. When reviewing our environmental footprint, we focus on those impacts which have most effect on the environment and over which we have direct control. Our three most significant environmental impacts are, in order of magnitude, energy use, water use and non-hazardous solid waste production. Energy use is by far our most significant impact, and therefore has highest priority. In recent years, we have also reported our carbon footprint, an increasingly important global measure of overall environmental performance.

Tate & Lyle’s environmental policy applies to all our locations, and fully integrates environmental management into their operational systems and procedures. The Board reviews the policy and environmental performance annually. The policy can be found on our website, www.tateandlyle.com.