We were saddened to learn that shortly before this report was published, a fatality occured at our joint-venture plant in Turkey. The Board has been informed and a full investigation is under way.

While our employee safety record is good, we want every site to be world class. In order to maintain consistency across Tate & Lyle’s plants and operations, safety leaders from across the Group have developed a new strategic global safety plan for the Group. Going forward, we will measure ourselves annually against world-class safety performance indicators, improving the co-ordination, scope and presentation of safety reporting data to help us identify issues and events in advance. Contractor safety and physical/behavioural auditing and safety training will continue to be areas of focus in 2010.

By implementing the global indicators and promoting the active involvement of management, employees and contractors in our safety efforts, we aim to improve safety performance further and come closer to world-class safety across the Group.