Charitable donations

Our Corporate Donations Committee oversees community policy throughout the world. It selects projects that target local needs and deliver the most positive impact, and ensures that our community work reflects our broader responsibilities as a company. Our guidelines for funding and support are:

  • education – 50%
  • environment – 25%
  • health – 15%
  • arts – 10%

In the financial year to 31 March 2011, Tate & Lyle’s total worldwide charitable donations were £346,000 (2010 – £714,000); this decrease is largely due to the sale of the Group’s EU Sugar Refining operations.

Actual community spend by allocation (pie chart)

We support many initiatives and organisations involved in community regeneration all round the world, including:


  • Hungrana, Hungary: our joint venture business supported a local primary school by donating equipment and holding safety and environmental events.
  • Amylum Bulgaria: our joint venture business supports local schools and runs other small-scale initiatives.
  • Tate & Lyle, The Netherlands: we sponsor a windmill, an institute for visually impaired people and a holiday programme for disabled children. We also hold careers, historical and technical open days for the local community.
  • Amylum Nisasta, Turkey: every year our joint venture business supports the TEMA Soil/Tree Foundation with a local tree-planting day.


  • Lafayette: our two plants support the United Way of Lafayette regeneration organisation.
  • Decatur: we support agricultural shows, local organisations responsible for arts grants, and a range of education, community and regeneration projects. We also support the Associated Colleges of Illinois.
  • Loudon: our plant supports the United Way of Loudon regeneration organisation.


  • We made a one-off donation for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.