We seek to operate in a way that is as environmentally sustainable as practical, while working continually to reduce our environmental impact further. By using resources such as energy and water more efficiently, and reducing waste, we can also achieve reductions in operational costs per unit of production. Improving the Company’s environmental sustainability, therefore, is not only good for the environment but can also be beneficial financially. In recognition of this, we are working on including an environmental sustainability measure in the Group key performance indicators in next year’s report, while continuing to report on our existing environmental metrics in this CR section.

Overview of the year

Tate & Lyle’s environmental policy and standards apply to all our activities globally, and we aim to integrate environmental considerations into all major decisions. We focus on those aspects of our direct operations that have the greatest potential impact on the environment, these comprise: our energy use and consequent carbon footprint; our water use; and waste.

2010 was an exceptional year for us in terms of environmental performance. Energy efficiency improved significantly, as projects to improve ethanol distillation and dehydration at Loudon, Tennessee, USA, and energy management at the Decatur, Illinois, USA and Loudon refineries, delivered their full benefits. As a result our carbon footprint decreased. Meanwhile our water efficiency increased and waste volume was reduced through targeted efficiencies.