Results for the 2010 calendar year

The data presented here outline the environmental performance of our global manufacturing facilities, including joint ventures where we have operational management control or influence.

The graphs show our progress. In calendar year 2010, versus 2009:

  • Energy use per tonne of production reduced by 9%, due to energy efficiency projects and improvements in plant utilisation
  • Primary carbon footprint from manufacturing energy use reduced by 10% per tonne of production, resulting largely from these energy efficiency improvements
  • Water use reduced by 5% per tonne of production, due to water efficiency projects and improvements in plant utilisation
  • Waste reduced by 4% per tonne of production, and has reduced by 24% since 2008, following a combination of waste reduction projects, production process changes at Loudon, USA, and improvements in plant utilisation.

Most of our operations globally complied with their environmental operating permit limits during 2010. On the rare occasions that a site temporarily exceeded its limits, we took immediate action to correct the issue and prevent a recurrence. We expect all our operations to meet operating permit limits at all times and treat any contraventions seriously.