Our people

We aim to have good, ethical employment practices and standards across all our operations, in line with our Business Code of Conduct. Our policy is to reward our employees in order to attract, retain and motivate the right people. Financial remuneration is an important but by no means exclusive part of this.

Employee profile

At 31 March 2011, Tate & Lyle employed 4,111 people across the Group. The decrease from 5,666 employees is mostly due to the sale of our Sugars businesses. These figures exclude any remaining Sugars employees, including those in Vietnam, although they were still employed by us on 31 March 2011.

Employees by business unit (pie chart)
Employees by geography (pie chart)

2011: the journey to a performance-related culture

We have seen significant changes in our Company as we implement our new strategy. We support and engage with our employees on this journey in a number of ways.

  • Communication: in changing times, regular communication is more important than ever. With the emphasis on open, two-way discussion, we explore the issues involved in transforming the business through a wide range of channels and media, such as roadshows, workshops, conference calls and our refreshed staff magazine. These activities include our communication and support programme for employees directly affected by strategic change, namely the establishment of our new innovation centre in Chicago, USA and the establishment of a global Shared Services Centre in Łódź, Poland.
  • Reward: we have new structures for incentivising and rewarding employees, including a new performance-related Group bonus plan and a sales incentive scheme consistent across all our locations. Our remuneration policy for directors is explained in the Remuneration strategy and policy section.
  • Appraisal: we have harmonised our employee appraisal system across the Group, and are seeking to assess performance in a consistent way.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe in equal opportunities regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, race, religion or other beliefs and ethnic or national origin. Our policies, practices and regulations for recruitment, training and career development promote equality of opportunity while being appropriate for the relevant market sector and country of operation. Our aim is to encourage a culture in which all employees have the opportunity to develop fully according to their individual abilities and the needs of the Group. The Group remains committed to the fair treatment of people with disabilities regarding applications, training, promotion and career development. An employee who becomes disabled would, where appropriate, be offered retraining.

An important part of our cultural transformation is to become more globally diverse and inclusive, both in our internal talent pool and our range of potential recruits. We have established a diversity and inclusion council to embed this approach in our operations.

Health and wellbeing

We share best practice across the Company and work with healthcare partners to provide information, advice and support on health issues. Our programmes are developed in line with local needs and cultures.


Our evolution into a global organisation demands a truly diverse workforce and this will be a key focus in our recruitment and retention policies. We will also be working to further embed our new performance management systems and processes across the Group.